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Debunking The Most Viral Ukraine Conflict Posts

There have been many posts circling different social media outlets claiming to be taken during the 2022 Ukraine and Russia war. Many of these posts are now coming to light and have not been so accurate. Here are a few that have been debunked.

1. Old Pictures of Zelenskyy

Multiple pictures of Zelenskyy in uniform began to circulate the internet when he called out for Ukrainians to defend themselves. These pictures were found to be taken in 2021 when he was in Ukraine's Donbass visiting soldiers.

Image Source: Daily Mail

However, there is some proof that he is fighting alongside his soldiers by denying help from the United States and calling for ammunition.

Source: Twitter

2. Snake Island Soldiers

Reports came out that these soldiers died defending snake island against Russian troops. The article was originally from BBC.

Image Source: iNews

The truth came out recently from multiple news sources NPR being one that the soldiers are actually alive under Russian captivity in Sevastopol.

3. Miss Ukraine

Anastasiia Lenna or known as Miss Ukraine posted an image of her holding a gun on Instagram that went viral. Two posts later she said she was not military and what she is holding is an airsoft gun.

Source: Instagram

Here was part of her caption:

Source: Instagram

In 2021 she posted a picture of her going to play airsoft. Image below with translation:

Source: Instagram

4. Young Girl Confronting Soldier

A video of a young Ukrainian girl confronting a Russian soldier seemed to be going viral on Tik Tok and Twitter has been debunked. The video is from 2012 and is showing an 11-year-old Palestinian girl confronting an Israeli soldier after her brother was arrested.

Image Source: BBC

5. Mayor Klitschko

Another photo of a Ukrainian politician started going viral. Mayor Klitschko looks to be on the front lines defending but the photo was taken of him in 2021 at a training center in the Chernihiv region.

Image Source: DailyStar

However, there is a video of him on Twitter in military gear calling Russian troops to go home. He is defending his city alongside the troops:

We will continue to add as more information comes out.

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