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Building a Parallel Economy in a Post-Google Age

In the future, 'we the people' will not perceive the nations of the world according to physical boundaries―for that matter, the digital age eliminated the reality of the Westphalian order after the Cold War. Nearly 60 years after decolonization, ordinary people are re-programmed to interpret the white man's burden as a matter of 'equity': that to atone for our sins, the occidental West, led by the United States, will use the free market to recolonize and erode (globalize) their recently sovereign former territories in order to build a new world order populated by over seven billion 'global citizens.' Embracing material 'paganism' and 'godless politics' like the Soviet Union, the capitalist West led by the United States shamelessly intervenes or invades otherwise inconsequential 'hot spots' in the Third World in the name of 'nation-building,' 'strongly compelling' countless millions to support eradicating their ancient religions and customs before democratizing (e.g., 'colonize') them to promote 'world peace.' Unbiased secularism, we are told, remains the lone arbiter for promoting liberty, equality, and fraternity.

Screen image of controversial tweet by the World Economic Forum, which they deleted. It’s a feature projected to be part of ‘The Great Reset’.

Instead of socialism under a German or Soviet totalitarian model, the new world government will embody corporatism principles (the current Chinese socio-political model). Justified in the name of 'climate change,' technocrats will isolate countries refusing to conform with the United Nations through its subsidiaries at the World Bank, World Trade Organization, and World Economic Forum. Margaret Thatcher believed the green agenda would provide the elites with "a marvelous excuse for worldwide, supra-national socialism," given that "All corporatism… encourages inflexibility, discourages individual accountability, and risks magnifying errors by concealing them" at the highest possible level. Through 'cancel culture,' this Western technocracy promotes summary justice contradicting Articles 18–21 of the Western-inspired UN Declaration of Human Rights, guaranteeing all people the same "spiritual, public, and political freedoms such as freedom of thought and opinion, religion and conscience, and the peaceful association of the individual." By colluding with foreign governments, they are directly responsible for regulating international commerce flow and the information we consume, ostracizing critics, and engaging in mass disinformation campaigns. By selling this new breed of pluralism, they're systematically deconstructing Western civilization through mass immigration and inciting different demographics to engage in pitiless struggles to balkanize and disenfranchise the mainstream of each society by prohibiting anyone from rendering 'judgments' according to 'pre-existing criteria' through 'hate speech' codes. With every swipe of a credit card driving consumer confidence and the stock market, we fuel the consequences of this global commitment to 'multiculturalism' and in the age of COVID-19, 'The Great Reset.'

Similar to the Schengen Area in the European Union, the application of multilateral free trade agreements that mandate international open borders will be digitally regulated through 5G technology. This new Tower of Babel will span all seven continents and replace physical borders with virtual reality. All of humanity will be materially and psychologically assimilated into the new system. Private property will be eliminated, and the technocrats will rent out all housing and provisions. People will believe they are happy because the authorities will tell them so.

The collusion between the technocracy and the Democrats to eliminate conservative and libertarian media represents the third wave of communism and fascism. It's essential to understand why Big Tech can get away with this: users of Google services are not legally Google's customers but rather its products; we and our data profiles are what's for sale. A moral argument could be had to redefine this as 'electronic slavery' because of two reasons why Google redistributes its resources for free through your Gmail account, internet searches, YouTube entertainment, and calendars: first, so the Google monopoly can employ its databases to amass a significant portion of the world's population as its users through information data; and secondly, to take the information data it has on these users (in terms of tracking how they use the internet, their demographic information, etc.,) and sell that information to advertisers. While the media distorts key details behind what occurred during the incident at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, the technocracy has expanded the revisionist narratives surrounding COVID-19 and the 'peaceful' path of destruction by the ethnonationalist Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization and Antifa. The world has evolved beyond the 'mass society' of the Industrial Revolution into an age where people engage remotely with limitless access to information at their fingertips. Understanding why more people today feel isolated and paralyzed by fear than at any other time in history fuels our broken society's reality and cultural atrophy as direct interpersonal interactions decrease.

I’m reminded of Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s recent tweet that “A lot of people are going to be unhappy with West Coast high tech as the de facto arbiter of free speech” after reading about Big Tech’s canceling former President Trump. Before that, Musk proclaimed it was “time to break up Amazon” after it blocked publication of Alex Berenson’s book, Unreported Truths about COVID-19 and Lockdowns: Part 1: Introduction and Death Counts and Estimates. Moreover, he called for his supporters to embrace alternative platforms and recommended the Signal encrypted messaging app instead of Facebook-owned WhatsApp. Already, 48 states have filed joint antitrust suits against Google set to begin in September 2023. And Musk is onto something: the Right is at a critical point where it must blaze a trail towards a new frontier, an alternative reality for conservatives like myself and libertarians such as Musk. There’s growing talk of developing a competing ‘parallel economy’―not a black market, mind you, but a new, very different ‘declaration of independence’ for the 21stcentury. A global political solution to emancipate liberty-minded traditionalists from the unelected technocratic planetary regime. One possible strategy for creating this new world comes from reports that Australia’s Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will soon require Google and Facebook to pay for using media content. This comes after targeting the Australian media industry, including Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. (the parent company of Fox News, Sky News, and The Wall Street Journal), struggling in the digital economy. Google’s threat to disable its search engine in Australia is its most potent yet, with such a radical step effectively handing over an entire developed market to rivals. Compelling as Australia’s strategy may sound, it’s the far more significant development of blockchain technology that could neutralize the extraordinary threats Big Tech poses to liberty by replacing the cartel of Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Twitter.

According to economist and entrepreneur George Gilder in his book, Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy, all attempts by Big Tech to silence conservative, libertarian, nationalist, populist, and traditionalist voices will soon be irrelevant. As the world arrives at a post-Google age, tech giants like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter won’t be able to control speech as authoritarian governments do, nor own or sell one’s personal data or that of their friends, subscribers, and followers. The blockchain revolution is taking place through the rise of a cryptocosm that operates by cryptography and through blockchain technology, promising to provide an alternative trust and verification system currently offered by institutions and corporations. The rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin―perhaps the most popular forms of blockchain technology―removes any person’s data from centralized control to personal control. Users may take all their network connections with them by merely re-establishing the networks onto a new blockchain.

What is Blockchain? George Gilder Explains

On December 11th, Texas GOP chairman Allen West suggested that ‘red states’ could secede, that “law-abiding states should band together and form a Union of states that will abide by the constitution” after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected the Texas-led multi-state lawsuit to overturn presidential election results in four states. The point illustrates that states (or other actors) cannot be subverted if they aren’t willing receptors of subversion. Given Big Tech’s systematic suppression of anyone daring to provide competing narratives surrounding the virus, BLM, and the 2020 presidential election, the idea of a ‘parallel economy’ driven by blockchain technology could be adopted by ‘red states’ to replace its current integration within the global economy. Policies similar to Australia’s plan to tax Google and Facebook for aggregating local news content provide a blueprint for driving Big Tech out of ‘red states’ and replacing it in short order with blockchain technology. By ‘red states’ coordinating efforts legislatively, they may someday declare their economic independence from the current technocratic order and eventually ‘cancel’ Big Tech’s extreme corporatist subversion. Once this is achieved, there would already exist a new economic foundation that wasn’t in place in Quebec and Scotland during their respective secession referendums of 1995 and 2014 because, for example, both still relied on the Canadian dollar and British pound sterling. By contrast, ‘red states’ would have developed the ability to phase out the U.S. dollar in favor of a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Any ‘red state’ republic must adopt a constitution similar to our own but adapted to the new realities of the 21st century. It must include mechanisms securing the constitution’s role as the supreme law of the land and the people’s civil liberties from unelected technocrats who operate beyond its jurisdiction and national borders. It will establish an economy unique in all of human history, powered by blockchain technology through a network of organizations, systems, companies, and individuals in which security and decentralization will be its primary features. Cryptocurrencies will replace the ‘floating’ U.S. dollar. In the process, this new ‘remote society’ will reintroduce the fundamental moral principles that once made America great.

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About the Author:

Jonathan P. Henderson (B.A. in History, Minor in Pol. Sci.; Univ. of Tennessee, 2012) is a resident of Knoxville, TN. He is Owner/Administrator/Editor-in-Chief of The Conservative Historical Review and a blogger/columnist for PolitiChicks and Intellectual Conservative.

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