Censorship was the Language of the Nazis, Socialists, and Communists

Freedom of speech is one of our greatest American values. The ability to freely express our opinion, whatever it may be, is essential to bring about change in our society. But, when our freedom of speech is limited, censored, and banned without a legitimate argument as to why we limit our ability to bring about individual and societal growth.

When Adolf Hitler rose to power in 1933, he and the Nazis established complete control of the press. The press played a vital role in producing and sharing Nazi propaganda. The Nazis used propaganda to force the public to accept their ideology and brainwash them into idolizing Hitler. Nazi propaganda also played a vital role in the implementation of Nazi policies.

In October 1933, Hitler's government passed an 'editorial law,' enabling Nazi censorship of press and publications. ALL opposition newspapers were banned. Those that remained were subject to strict censorship laws, so open opposition to the regime became increasingly difficult. Dissenting voices were sent to concentration camps, murdered in broad daylight, or mysteriously went "missing."

The Nazis were historically known for censoring, slandering, and diminishing the opposition. Praising the suppression of opposing ideas is something the Nazis were historically known for.

Do you want to know who also censored opposing voices? Stalin and Mao.

Joseph Stalin was the dictator of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) from 1929 to 1953. Stalin ruled by terror, and millions of his citizens died during his brutal reign. Stalin was committed to eliminating anyone who opposed him or even questioned his authority. Political censorship grew stronger under Joseph Stalin's rule. Due to Stalin's censorship of books, magazines, advertisements, movies, radio broadcasts, newspapers, etc., he was able to implant his ideology in his citizens' heads. Stalin's strict censorship laws allowed him to promote Socialism and anti-Westernization.

Mao Zedong was a Chinese communist revolutionary. He was the founding father of the People's Republic of China. He ruled as the chairman of China's Communist Party from its establishment in 1949 until he died in 1976.

Since 1949, the Chinese government has been controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The CCP has used censorship and propaganda to control its citizens, restricting them from accessing certain Western cultural information. To this day, China's censorship policies are among the strictest in the world. Mao believed that by censoring certain information to its people, he could build and maintain a communist state. In China, Mao's propaganda convinced his Chinese citizens that communism and his leadership was the best option there was. Mao forced his citizens to resist capitalism and western culture.

History is currently repeating itself with big tech monopolies such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter deliberately providing their audience with misinformation, evidently showing their own political bias, and deliberately censoring opposing voices.

“Private companies can do whatever they want!”

This argument is flawed. If that’s the case, business owners should open their businesses back up and ignore COVID-19 state executive orders. After all, they’re a private business and can do “whatever they want,” right?

Big tech monopolies have become much like a government force. They’re impeding our right to connect and communicate with each other, debate, and exchange ideas. What’s worse is that under the Communications Decency Act of 1996, they‘re protected and getting away with it.

Social media is one of the most powerful tools that we have. It allows us to communicate with others and to debate ideas. Today, big tech monopolies pose a threat to free speech in America. Constitutionally protected free speech doesn’t exist in the world of social media.

It is frightening when a private company can impose sanctions not only on our highest elected official but also on anyone who questions their authority.

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About the Author:

Emma Jimenez is the founder of Red Liberty Media. She is also a freelance political blogger, conservative political advocate, and managing editor for Politifix News. She is best known on social media under the name “The Conservative Latina.” Jimenez is also a published children’s book author. Her books educate children on the beauty of coming from a multiracial and blended family and on self-awareness and appreciation. Mrs. Jimenez lives in Louisiana and has worked in continuing education as a Spanish instructor. She has assisted various local churches in her city, teaching ESL and citizenship classes to immigrants. Jimenez has appeared as a guest on multiple social media platforms and political events to discuss issues facing the Hispanic community today. She is currently publishing her first political children’s book, America the Great; it is about what it means to be an American.