About Us

Red Liberty Media is dedicated to trustworthy journalism. As an independent news publication source, we are dedicated to community journalism with a unique blend of issue-oriented stories.


At Red Liberty Media, you’ll find explanatory journalism on the events, discoveries, and issues that matter today. We publish trustworthy and informative articles meant to inform and educate. We are committed to transparency and clarity. 


We are constitutional journalists. We believe in conserving the values of the U.S. Constitution, Founding Fathers, and Declaration of Independence. This means we are pro-individual rights, pro-small government, and pro-capitalism.

Without a working knowledge of our form of limited government, We The People from whom all power and authority emanate – can easily be taken advantage of. The Constitution is key to our success. The Constitution grants our rights and privileges. Only in teaching a deep, abiding love for freedom can we ever hope to create devoted defenders of this country- who will fight against those who threaten our civil liberties. 

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Our Mission is the Truth

For starters, we’re 100% independent. Meaning that our work is 100% funded by our supporters, YOU! We are not controlled by special interests groups.

Red Liberty Media DOES NOT and WILL NOT accept government, political, or corporate funding. Our mission is to seek the truth and to educate the general public.